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My Story

My Story

Like many of you, my path to fitness wasn't always clear. It started with a jolt – a new ID photo that revealed a stranger staring back at me. I asked my wife why she did not let me know I was fat. She said I hid it well! Determined to make a change, I embarked on a weight loss journey and achieved my goal. It was a victory, but the story doesn't end there.

Fueled by this success, I wanted to push myself further. My wife, ever the champion, surprised me with personal training sessions. My trainer was fantastic, knowledgeable, and motivating. However, a nagging sense of disconnect began to surface. While his expertise was undeniable, the routines felt geared towards someone decades younger.

In my early 60s, I craved a trainer who understood the unique needs and limitations of a maturing body. Sadly, I couldn't find someone who fit the bill. So, a spark ignited – an "aha" moment. I realized, "I can do this!"

That's how my true journey began. I dedicated myself to becoming a certified personal trainer, focusing specifically on the needs of those 60 and older. This wasn't just a career choice, it became a passion. I understand firsthand the challenges and triumphs that come with aging.

You see, I'm not just a certified personal trainer with a focus on senior wellness, I am dedicated to optimizing fitness, nutrition, and overall well-being for adults 60 and older. I'm here to walk alongside you.


Continual learning is at the heart of my approach. I stay updated on the latest research to ensure that my clients receive top-tier fitness, nutrition and well-being solutions. By building trust through personalized attention, I establish strong bonds with each individual, fostering an environment of collaboration and openness. My comprehensive approach focuses not only on physical strength but also on cognitive function and emotional well-being, recognizing their integral roles in overall health.

My ultimate goal is to empower older adults to achieve long-term independence and enhance their quality of life. Together, we work towards preserving vitality and embracing a lifestyle of wellness and vitality.


Together, we'll create a personalized fitness and health plan. These programs will be designed specifically for you, drawing from the latest scientific research to ensure they're safe and effective for your body. We'll keep you motivated and celebrate your progress as you rediscover the joy of movement and unlock a new level of strength and vitality. Let's embark on a journey of strength, vitality, and rediscovering the joy of movement.

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Active Aging Wellness empowers individuals to add Healthspan to their Lifespan – the years they live in good health – extending their lifespan through evidence-based programs that nurture the mind, body, and spirit.


Our vision at Active Aging Wellness is to create a vibrant online community where seniors thrive in every aspect of their well-being. We envision a future where individuals, regardless of age, are empowered to lead fulfilling lives with vitality and purpose. Through our evidence-based programs and holistic approach, we strive to be the premier destination for seniors seeking to enhance their healthspan and extend their years of vitality. Our vision encompasses a world where seniors are supported in nurturing their minds, bodies, and spirits, fostering a culture of lifelong learning, active engagement, and profound well-being. Together, we are redefining aging, promoting a future where every senior can live their best life, embracing each day with joy, resilience, and vitality.

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